My duo supporting one of the best film organisations in the UK – SATURDAY 20TH JUNE : NO.W.HERE PRESENT: no.we.are 10 (now’s the time to dance to all our futures)


Advance ticket price £10 // door price £15


An invitation for artists, radicants, friends, fugitives & time travellers to celebrate 10 years of at a late night party on the shortest night of the year, Saturday 20th June 2015. A lively and eclectic evening at the Working Men’s Club. Come and dance on the back of austerity, doublespeak and triple think..

The night features a heady and eclectic mix of film, music, performance and interventions.


Free improv drumming, permutational poetry, and epic Super 8 film with Hugh Metcalfe and Penny Rimbaud from Crass, expanded sound and image with Anna Thew, live execution ballads and flicker film with Lisa Knapp and James Holcombe, Richard Crow’s film ‘Lead Sehnsucht’ with live analogue synth and tape manipulation soundtrack..Collectiv-iz re-working time, light, film, performance, and the machinery of projection in a special curated performance for the evening….Conspirators of Pleasure bending the rules and questioning the sacred via prepared sitar, sonically twisted stylophones, prepared bass, modified toys, resurrected radios and visually scarred slide projections….The Errorists plugging phantom power to sing to’s future…Peter Gidal’s Coda 1 and 2 “a complex of barely visible cuts in space and time, the opposite of erasure, but nothing so much as visible”..A performance by Martin Blažíček and Steven BallSimon Bookish’s digital pop perfection ‘a Scrooge McDuck backstroke through a pool of cartoon coins’…A fantastical phantasmagoric performance by Tai Shani …the evening will be rounded off by a DJ set from Bass Clef trombone, effects, and percussive instruments of choice, splicing together Caribbean rhythms with pulsating techno, hypnotic brass, machine soul and ‘hands in the air’ rave dynamics..201505229461midlets-dance-to-all-our-f


‘Freudian Feedback’ (modified sitar + tabla) + ‘Turtlebox’ (hand-made instrument) at the Noise Colloquium – University of Greenwich 22 March 2015.
© Poulomi Desai and Dushume (aka Amit Patel)

The University of Greenwich hosted a two-day colloquium to explore noise as a concept that embraces the expressive, the idea of noise as a resistance and, through mutating repetition, a catalyst for creative production. Other speakers and performers included David Toop, Nicolas Collins (Art Institute of Chicago), Atau Tanaka (Goldsmiths University), Andrew Hill, Stephen Kennedy, Ian Thompson (University of Greenwich) Melanie Clifford, Sarah Sparkes, Rie Nakajima and Dirty Electronics.

Special thanks to John Richards (Dirty Electronics) and Andrew Hill (University of Greenwich).

Free “Noise Colloquium” 21 – 22 March 2015 at University of Greenwich.

I am performing with Dushume (who will also be presenting a paper) – we will be deciphering and/or dissolving ideas of “Asian Noise”.  Speakers and performers include,  David Toop, Alice Eldridge, Andrew Hill, Nicolas Collins, Ian Thompson, Sarah Sparkes, Rie Nakajima, Steve Kennedy, Atau Tanaka, Melanie Clifford, Nuno Salihbegovic, Manuela Barczewski + Dirty Electronics.

“The University of Greenwich is hosting a two-day colloquium to explore noise as a concept that embraces the expressive, the idea of noise as a resistance and, through mutating repetition, a catalyst for creative production. From this perspective noise moves out of the solely auditory register into a multisensory realm of non- representational logic.”


Usurp | Experimental Electronics – Day of the Dead.

Experimental Electronics – Day of the Dead

Thursday 30 October 2014. 7pm onwards

The Castle (upstairs), 44 Commercial Road, London, E1 1LN

Day of the Dead ////// dia de los muertos with artists from Mexico and London.

DIY electronics, pd, feedback systems, live coding, circuit bending, sound and performance, electroacoustics, field recordings, software-based soundworks, experimental electronics, open call for artists, benders, noisers, improvisers, engineers, freakers, hackers, coders. I will be creating a soundscape with two modified sitars, sine waves and sub-bass, and light effected oscillators – an immersive performance to remember my ancestors who fought against the British Raj and fought as anarchists in the Spanish Civil War.

Poulomi Desai, Juan Jose Rivas, Miguel Ortiz, Charlie Wheatley.

Organised by Lara Pearl of Experimental Electronics.

‘Miss Havisham presents’ at The Cholmondely Boys Club, Dalston, London. Extracts from 20 minute freely improvised performance.

Poulomi Desai (prepared sitar and electronics), John Butcher (Saxophone), Tania Chen (Electronics, Piano), BJ Cole (pedal steel guitar), John Edwards (double bass), Lore Lixenberg (Mezzo-Soprano). Programmed by Steve Beresford and Tania Chen as part of an ongoing series of free improv nights at this iconic venue.

“The statue was now giving out an intermittent high-pitched whine, a sitar-like caterwauling that seemed to pull apart the sutures of my skull. Responding to the boos and protests, it suddenly began to whoop erratically, the horn-like sounds confusing the traffic on the far side of the square”. Venus Smiles by J.G. Ballard 1957. Part of the collection of stories in Vermillion Sands.

Extracts from video of prepared sitar performance rehearsals at Usurp Art Gallery. Conspirators of Pleasure are a new free improv duet of prepared sitar (Poulomi Desai) and prepared bass (Simon Underwood). See for forthcoming gigs and events. Recent performances include Cafe Oto, The Vortex and The Cholmondely Boys Club.

Excerpt from an improvised performance by the Conspirators of Pleasure at the Optophonic Festival organised by Peak Signal 2 Noise at Montgomery Theatre, Tramlines Sheffield. 26th July 2014

The Optophonic Festival was a day of participatory workshops and exploratory performances combining film and sonic experiment and hands-on creative contagion for all. Also featuring workshops and performances by Adam Bohman, Sharon Gal, Heather Leigh, Rhodri-Davies, Murray-Royston-Ward, Blood-Stereo, Human-Heads, Mick-Beck, Luke-Poot, Blue Yodel and McWatt/Bettany. Thanks to Cathy Soreny and all the crew at Peak Signal 2 Noise.

Also see the performance workshop “PhonoPollock” here

More about the Conspirators of Pleasure:

Photo from performance by the “Conspirators of Pleasure” on Thurs 2 May 2013.  Club Integral at The Others Club 6-8 Manor Road, London, N16 5SA. We were joined impromptu by the amazing free improviser vocalist Sharon Gal.Thanks to Justin Davin Smith for the photo. More info about CoP: Also on the night were the legendary Daevid Allen, Yumi Hara Cawkwell, Chris Cutler,  Smoo, Untied Knot + visuals by Rucksack Cinema.

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