NO.W.HERE PRESENT: no.we.are 10 (now’s the time to dance to all our futures)

My duo supporting one of the best film organisations in the UK – SATURDAY 20TH JUNE : NO.W.HERE PRESENT: no.we.are 10 (now’s the time to dance to all our futures)


Advance ticket price £10 // door price £15


An invitation for artists, radicants, friends, fugitives & time travellers to celebrate 10 years of at a late night party on the shortest night of the year, Saturday 20th June 2015. A lively and eclectic evening at the Working Men’s Club. Come and dance on the back of austerity, doublespeak and triple think..

The night features a heady and eclectic mix of film, music, performance and interventions.


Free improv drumming, permutational poetry, and epic Super 8 film with Hugh Metcalfe and Penny Rimbaud from Crass, expanded sound and image with Anna Thew, live execution ballads and flicker film with Lisa Knapp and James Holcombe, Richard Crow’s film ‘Lead Sehnsucht’ with live analogue synth and tape manipulation soundtrack..Collectiv-iz re-working time, light, film, performance, and the machinery of projection in a special curated performance for the evening….Conspirators of Pleasure bending the rules and questioning the sacred via prepared sitar, sonically twisted stylophones, prepared bass, modified toys, resurrected radios and visually scarred slide projections….The Errorists plugging phantom power to sing to’s future…Peter Gidal’s Coda 1 and 2 “a complex of barely visible cuts in space and time, the opposite of erasure, but nothing so much as visible”..A performance by Martin Blažíček and Steven BallSimon Bookish’s digital pop perfection ‘a Scrooge McDuck backstroke through a pool of cartoon coins’…A fantastical phantasmagoric performance by Tai Shani …the evening will be rounded off by a DJ set from Bass Clef trombone, effects, and percussive instruments of choice, splicing together Caribbean rhythms with pulsating techno, hypnotic brass, machine soul and ‘hands in the air’ rave dynamics..201505229461midlets-dance-to-all-our-f


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